Parent and Carer Support

Who to Call

If you are unsure who you need to get in contact with you can refer to our new chart!

Our Parent/School Communication and Contacts chart shows you who to call for what situation.

Parent and Carer Workshops

Castlebar School places strong emphasis on working together with parents and carers. We offer a range of parent and carer programmes, workshops and coffee mornings throughout the academic year. We aim to provide a range of services that encompass both educational and practical sessions, as well as opportunities for parents to share their own knowledge and expertise and gain support from one another.

The Parent and Carer Brochure has been produced to help promote the programmes that will be offered during the Autumn and Spring Term. Click the button below to view the brochure. If you have any feedback or interest in a specific topic, please share them with Heather England.

Teaching/Learning Workshops

During the year Castlebar School offers a range of workshops to support the work done in school around communication, socialisation and independence. For example, teachers/staff run reading and counting workshops or communication/ICT workshops.  For some more information on reading please see Oxford Owl

Ealing Transport Assistance

Ealing Council offers home to school travel assistance for eligible children and young people with special educational needs/ and or disability (SEND).

If you wish to apply you can find out more about how to apply by clicking this link.

If you wish to apply for travel assistance you can fill in Ealing’s form.

If your child or young person already accesses travel assistance your contact is below:

  1. Independent Travel Training (ITT) 020 8825 8033
  2. A Personal Independence Budget (PIB) paid to the parent, carer or young person or 020 8825 8033
  3. Local Authority Arranged Transport 020 8825 5544 or emailing

Ealing Council has a statutory responsibility to provide travel assistance to children living in the borough with SEN as well as children with other significant obstacles that may prevent them from reaching their educational setting

Additional Specialist Support

Castlebar also have our own dedicated School Social Worker, Occupational Therapist and Speech and Language Therapist.

Ealing Family Support Services – Quick Guide

Download the Quick Guide to Ealing Family Support Services below – A guide to services provided by Ealing Council and immediate partners for children, young people and families.

Ealing Help

Ealing Help Events Calendar – has details of many events from leisure activities to parenting courses.

Ealing Parent & Carer Forum

If you care for a child or young adult with additional needs in education, health or social care the Ealing Parent & Carer Forum is for you. The forum works to ensure Ealing Council, local health and other service providers understand what your children and young adults really need to deliver the support that is so essential to their development.


CEPPS provides advice, information and support to parents/carers of children with special educational needs (SEN) with their children’s education. Advice is free, impartial and confidential.

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