Parent & Carer Feedback

Castlebar School values strong relationships with parents and carers. As part of our Annual Review process, we ask all parents to provide feedback on our school each year.

In 2018-19, 99% of our parents/carers agreed that their child was happy in Castlebar School. 99% said their child was well looked after in school and 100% agreed that their child is safe in Castlebar School. 99% of parents/carers agreed that the school is well led and managed.  See the attached report for full details.

Castlebar School Parent & Carer Feedback Report 2018-19

A sample of comments from Parents and Carers in 2018-19:

  • “My child is really happy at school and has made lots of friends.”
  • “The staff are so caring – my child always feels safe.”
  • “We are very happy that Castlebar meet our child’s needs outstandingly”
  • “Castlebar is a home away from home for our child. We would be lost without the commitment and dedication of its staff.”
  • “We think the school and staff are amazing.”
  • “I am really pleased that my child’s communication skills have significantly improved.”
  • “I am impressed with the progress that my child has made and the staff are always available to discuss any changes.”
  • “My child thrives when she feels safe and happy. The school is fantastic at working out my child’s interests and using them to encourage and further her developments.”
  • “We believe that Castlebar is meeting my child’s needs exceptionally well.”

Please feel free to contact the school office if you would like to provide feedback or to discuss any concerns that you may have.


Castlebar also welcomes parents to provide feedback via Parent View. To access Parent View, please click on the image below;