Each class has a teacher and 2 Teaching Assistants with a maximum of 8 or 9 children. In the early years classes there are 3 Teaching Assistants. All staff are experienced and participate in an ongoing and extensive training and development programme. The school has achieved Investors in People Status.

In line with national guidance the school adopts a multi-disciplinary approach – staff work in a collaborative way with a range of other professionals.


Headteacher Paul Adair Designated Safeguarding Lead  
Deputy Head Melanie Hogan Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead
Lead for CPD and Science
Assistant Heads Louise Taylor/Dawn Murphy Lower school  
  Alan Guy Upper school  
  Heather England Safeguarding Lead  
School Administration Sharon Fida School Business Manager  
  Philippa Quenby Teaching School Business Manager  
  Samantha Goldie Administrator  
  Catherine Lambert Finance and HR Officer  
  Rachel Fulla Data Officer  
  Suzan Jairam Finance Assistant  
School Social Worker Heather England    
Site Manager Daniel Hardy    
Caretaker Simon Munford    
Science Department Emma Galley/Maddie Dunleavy
Art/Music Geraldine/Alison Stone/Paul Stephenson
Sports Diane Perry Swimming  
  Peter Nagy J&C PE Coach  
Yellow 1 Stella Bourolia Teacher  
  Phuong Davies Teaching Assistant  
  Nim Tanna Teaching Assistant  
  Izabela Karwowska Teaching Assistant  
Yellow 2 Nathalie Swift Teacher  
  Dequa Ali-Hassan Teaching Assistant  
  Yasmin Latif Learning Support Assistant  
  Chintha Jansen Learning Support Assistant  
Yellow 3 Tracy Clark Teacher  
  Jackie Doherty Teaching Assistant  
  Zahra Lebdiri Learning Support Assistant  
    Learning Support Assistant  
Green 1 Ella Shrubsall Teacher  
  Rebecca Gordon Teaching Assistant  
Green 2 Hayley O’Neill Teacher  
  Ilnaz Kasmani Teaching Assistant  
  Roanna Markham Teaching Assistant  
Green 3 Melissa Bowyer Teacher  
  Sam Connell Teaching Assistant  
  Kadija Farah Learning Support Assistant  
  Miwa Tominaga Teaching Assistant  
Red 1 Zofia Smolak Teacher  
  Jane Thornton Teaching Assistant  
  Agnieszka Rodak Teaching Assistant  
  Maryam Karimi Teaching Assistant  
Red 2 James Hood Teacher  
  Megan Hayden Teaching Assistant  
  Wioletta Denezh Teaching Assistant  
Red 3 Libby Kirkham Teacher  
  Anna Lynch Teaching Assistant  
    Teaching Assistant  
Blue 1 Colleen Conway Teacher  
  Zena Ross Teaching Assistant  
  Vikki Hall Teaching Assistant  
Blue 2 Jade Wood Teacher  
  Anna Lanzafame Garcia Teaching Assistant  
    Teaching Assistant  
Blue 3 Holly Chapman Teacher  
  Sinead McGreal  Teaching Assistant  
     Teaching Assistant  
Orange 1 Paul Stephenson Teacher  
  Lisa Clark  Teaching Assistant  
  Carole Clarke  Teaching Assistant  
Orange 2 Sarah Kiwanuka Teacher  
  Fabiola Reyes  Teaching Assistant  
  Fiona Braddock  Teaching Assistant  
Orange 3 Michelle Baker Teacher  
  Steve Dyer Teaching Assistant  
  Mariam Khouzam Teaching Assistant  
Purple 1 Clare McPeake Teacher  
  Jackie O’Sullivan Teaching Assistant  
  Catherine Walsh Teaching Assistant  
  Manisha Fatania Teaching Assistant  
Purple 2 Ian Sylvester Teacher  
  Venetia Chrysafi Teaching Assistant  
  Hannah Samuels/Kate Kirwan Teaching Assistant  
Purple 3 Aniko Imre Teacher  
  Steph Oakes Teaching Assistant  
  Maria Hehir Teaching Assistant  
Purple 4 Anne Ryan Teacher  
  Debbie Anjorin Teaching Assistant