School Departments

Lower School

The three departments, Yellow, Green and Red, in the Lower School take children from Reception to Year 3.

Castlebar Yellow Department

The youngest children in our school join classes in the Yellow department. We have 12 staff with up to 24 pupils in 3 classes. Yellow Team consists of reception to Year 1 pupils. We establish clear routines to develop confidence and Independence. We use signing and symbols for all children, and PECS when appropriate. We plan for learning through play and practical activities, based on the Foundation Stage curriculum.

In Yellow Team, we aim to give our pupils a firm foundation for learning, developing confidence and independence skills in a caring and supportive environment.

Castlebar Green Department     Castlebar Red Department

The Green and Red departments comprises of 6 classes. Each class has a teacher and 2-3 Teaching Assistants. The Green department has pupils from Year 1-3. Red 2 and Red 3 classes are comprised of pupils in Year 2-3. The pupils in Red 1  are in Years 2-6. There is a wide range of experience, knowledge and skills amongst the staff, whose main aim is to nurture and develop the pupils’ whole potential, especially the pupils’ self care, independence and social skills.

The pupils continue to follow the 7 areas of learning ensuring continuity but also progression through the use of broader range of topics.

There are opportunities for the pupils to begin to use more of the school physical resources e.g. the science room; take part in school sports partnership events e.g. dance festivals and to interact with the older pupils in the larger playground.

Upper School

The three departments, Blue, Orange and Purple, in the Upper School take children from Year 3 to Year 6.

Castlebar Blue Department Castlebar Orange Department Castlebar Purple Department

Each class has a teacher and 2 or 3 assistants. The department is spacious and well resourced.

The area also includes a kitchen area, the library, a science room, swimming pool and a dedicated garden useful for a variety of activities. All of these resources are also accessed by the rest of the school.

We combine a concentration on basic skills teaching with a rich and varied wider curriculum which encourages pupils to take steps towards independence.

All classes are equipped with a variety of resources that allow the children to interact with each other, work independently and access all areas of the curriculum.

Pupils are encouraged to gain confidence and independence using computers.

Teachers organise trips for the pupils which will support their learning in class.

The older pupils are encouraged to take on more responsibility around the school. Throughout Year 6 Castlebar operates a transition programme into high school.