Safeguarding Policy

Safeguarding children is the responsibility of all staff that come in contact with children. Castlebar School has an extensive safeguarding policy that is regularly reviewed and updated to give guidance and direction.  The Castlebar School – Staff Code of Conduct includes statutory child protection requirements and the standards of behaviour expected of staff.

Data Protection

For information on our data protection policies and privacy notices, please see: General Data Protection Regulation.

Designated Safeguarding Staff

Lead Designated Safeguarding Teachers Paul Adair and Heather England
Assistant Safeguarding Leads Melanie Hogan, Alan Guy, Louise Taylor, Dawn Murphy
Safeguarding Governor Sarah Wilson
Second Safeguarding Governor Mohan Pandian

School Safeguarding Team

Computing E-Safety Lead Ian Sylvester
School Social Worker Heather England
Teaching Assistant Jane Thornton
PSED TLR Holly Chapman
Health and Safety Sharon Fida
Safeguarding Lead Paul Adair
Safeguarding Governor Sarah Wilson

Safeguarding Team Remit

Early Intervention and EHAP

We fully understand the complexities of our children’s needs and the impact that this has on family life. At Castlebar School, we invest heavily in providing early support to prevent concerns or challenges escalating into larger problems. The Early Help Assessment and Plan (EHAP) is a tool kit used when the needs of a child or family require multidisciplinary or multiagency work and a targeted approach. Please click on the link for full details.

Early Help Assessment and Plan (EHAP)

Multi-Agency Working

Castlebar School is very fortunate to have a range of professionals on site, we have Occupational Therapy, Speech and Language Therapy, Education Psychology, and Music Therapy. We also have an attached school nurse and a School employed Social Worker. We also work among the larger network and linked to a range of support services throughout Ealing. Please click on the link for full details.

Multi Disciplinary Position Statement

Online SafetyeSafety 360 Progress Certificate

Castlebar is committed to keeping children safe on-line and ensuring everything is done to support parents to monitor on-line activity.

Online Safety Policy

Castlebar School has received a 360 Certificate of progress in recognition of our commitment to developing e-safety.



At Castlebar School, we take our duty to prevent radicalisation seriously. The risk of radicalisation falls within our safeguarding policy and procedures and the lead professional is the designated child protection officer. We also have a safeguarding committee consisting of a range of professionals within the school. The school works with pupils parents/carers and others stakeholders to promote British Values, tolerance and respect. Please click on the links for full details.

EGfL Radicalisation – the Prevent Duty

Castlebar School Personal and Social Development Curriculum Map

Unicef Rights Respecting Schools


Female Genital Mutilation is also a serious matter that can affect members of the Ealing community.  This is a child protection risk and also can be found within our Safeguarding Policy.  Please click on link for full details

EGfL Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)

Further Safeguarding Information

Ealing Safeguarding and Child Protection

Relevant Policies

Castlebar School Policies