Our School

Castlebar School is a Local Authority Maintained Special School in Ealing for boys and girls aged 4 to 11 years. We aim to provide a quality education for children who have complex moderate to severe learning difficulties, including autistic spectrum disorders.

Castlebar School celebrates diversity and promotes equality and acceptance of others by encouraging pupils to be kind and to look after each other.

Communication is a top priority and the school is committed to a total communication environment. All teaching staff are trained in Makaton and PECS symbols are used creatively to develop communication.

Castlebar School values its parents’ involvement in educating its pupils. Encouraging and supporting children throughout their school lives is regarded as a joint enterprise requiring mutual co-operation and respect between the school and parents.

The Headteacher is always willing to make arrangements to discuss concerns that parents might have and a newsletter is published each month keeping parents aware of school issues and forthcoming events. A home school diary is used for regular communication between school and home.