Pupils learning is carefully planned to meet the needs of each individual child.

The school makes its curriculum as real as possible using a visual and multi-sensory approach.

Castlebar School strongly promotes 3 key skills:

  • Communication
  • Socialisation
  • Independence
The entire school uses the 7 Areas of Learning as a framework for delivering the curriculum.

curriculumMakaton Symbol - Maps

PRIME AREAS   Year 1 of 2 Curriculum Maps
  Year 2 of 2 Curriculum Maps   
Personal, Social and Emotional Development  PSED Yr 1  PSED Yr 2
Communication and Language  Speaking & Listening Yr 1  Speaking and Listening Yr 2
Physical Development  PD Yr 1 of 2  PD Curriculum Map Yr 2


SPECIFIC AREAS   Year 1 of 2 Curriculum Maps  
  Year 2 of 2 Curriculum Maps
Reading and Writing  Reading and Writing Yr 1  Reading and Writing Yr 2
Mathematics  Numeracy Yr 1  Numeracy Yr 2
Understanding the World  UW Yr 1  UW Yr 2
Religious Education  RE Yr 1  RE Yr 2
Expressive Arts and Design  EAD Yr 1  EAD Yr 2

The school has high expectations and supports its pupils every step of the way e.g. with termly Individual Education Plans (IEPs) and with Annual Reviews (ARs).

Pupils learn to read simple books and to develop speaking and listening skills. They are also helped to develop social skills (e.g. turn taking) and independence skills (e.g. counting money). Communication skills are also developed through drama, role play and social skills games.  Castlebar School follows supports teaching of phonics with a wide range of resources in order to interest the pupil and reinforce work covered.  Full details are given in the Communication, Language and Literacy policy on our Policies page.

Please click here for our Parents’ and Carers’ Guide to Levels, Learning Steps and the National Curriculum

Additional information is detailed in our subject policies and curriculum statement that are published on our Policies page.