Activities to Support Your Child at Home

IEP Targets

Each child will receive a termly Individual Education Plan (IEP) with clear targets to work on both at school and home. The plan outlines ‘Support at home’ and includes strategies and activities that will support your child to achieve their target. Parents/carers are encouraged to work with their child on these targets weekly.

Reading books

Reading books will be sent home regularly with pupils that are reading or at the pre-reading stage of being able to share and talk about picture books.


Each child has their own log-in so that they can access ‘MyUSO’ from home which gives access to a range of interactive activities for across the curriculum.

Home Activity Resource Area

This area includes a range of practical ideas/activities that can be tailored to suit the needs of children at different levels. New activities will be added on a termly basis.

  Reading, Writing & Mark Making           Mathematics             Cross-curricular  Communication & Social Skills
Practical Activities  Ideas for Literacy Activities at Home
Making a sensory bag
Sensory Mark Making Activities
NEW: Ideas for Numeracy Activities at Home
 Colour sorting 
Finding shapes
Extension Activities (Upper School)  Look and Listen Activity 
 Worksheets NEW: Phonics _at words
 seasons comprehension HA
seasons comprehension LA, MA 
Heavier or lighter 1
Heavier or lighter 2
Matching coins
Recognising coins
NEW: 1 More
3d shapes at home
adding toys to numbers
Subtraction linked to www.topmarks
tally for 3d shapes
NEW: Balanced meal
Brushing our teeth
Easter Egg Cooking recipes
Food groups
hot and cold clothes sorting 
NEW: Exercise
Fruit and vegetables
Healthy Lifestyles